Long distance: 19K. Solo, Duo, Group or Relay Setup.
Marathon distance: 27K. Solo, Duo, Group or Relay Setup.

The date of crossing is agreed in advance between the swimmer and the organizer, usually between May and October. The Slots are for promotional purposes but the dates can be changed in advance by the swimmer/s. There are 5 days to make the crossing.
The arrival point is generally the same as the race but this can be changed during the crossing if the marine weather conditions require it. Furthermore, there is no real time limit to complete the crossing: even beyond 6 hours 30 minutes for 19K and 9 hours 30 minutes for 27K.
Bookings usually take place at least 6 months in advance and are finalized by accepting a quotation.

Solo, Duo, Group Swim Crossing Formulas
The crossing can be performed as SOLO (1 swimmer + 1 boat), DUO (2 swimmers + 1 boat), GROUP (3 swimmers + 1 boat).
The cost is from 3000 to 3500 euros (low and high season) + 300 euros for each swimmer who joins the first swimmer.
Please request a custom quotation for larger groups.

Relay Swim Crossing Formula
This is a formula for those who want to make the crossing together with other swimming friends, where everyone swims a section of the track.
Generally the crossing is carried out with a maximum of 6 swimmers but is not binding.
The cost must be estimated and varies according to the number of swimmers and companions because it is necessary to use a larger boat than the one generally used.